Allana Taranto: Portfolio Intensive Workshop

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We will constructively critique each other’s online presence. Consistency and point of view is something we all strive for in our portfolios. We will talk about creating sustainable relationships with people by bringing that vision into a consistent values that are woven throughout the sales cycle. Sustainability is not only about environmental sustainability, it's also about creating a sustainable business model and about human relationships. It’s about creating and maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand. We will look at punctuating and reinforcing your business' values throughout the sales cycle: website images, website text, bio pictures/avatars, physical presence & online presence in video conferencing, look and design of albums and other deliverables.  I truly want my clients to touch and feel actual product.  The products reinforce the perceived value of the investment, and restate in tangible form my business values and brand.

Round table format where the participants share their ideas/uses and vendors that reinforce their branding and business values.



Allana guest-blogged for us in our 2011 Inspire Retreat season, her Visual Thinker series is a great read!