Manolo Doreste


     My name is Manolo (mah-NO-lo) Doreste and I’m a passion-filled, original photographer based in Miami, FL. I possess a strong appreciation for the extraordinary and strive for it in all I do—whether that’s capturing life’s greatest moments or finding my native city’s best slice of pizza.At age 7, my gracious neighbor gifted me a Minolta camera. It was the 1980s and the camera looked like something you can now buy at Urban Outfitters.

     My life changed forever with that act of kindness. I received my first digital camera 15 years later (also a gift—thanks mom!) but my love affair with photography had long been solidified. As a photographer, I’m able to return life’s greatest moments to couples and families. My experiences have allowed me to genuinely understand how powerful images can be, and I take the role of capturing and protecting memories seriously. I know I’m being relied on and cherish the responsibility. 

     I seek humor and always seem to find it (along with beauty and a little love) everywhere and often where it’s missed by others. And not only do I believe laughter is the absolute best feeling in the world, I believe it does wonders for photography. Which is why I always make it my mission to make clients laugh.

IG: @manolodoreste