Charmi Patel-Peña


     Charmi was born into a family where the acceptable career choices were: doctor, lawyer, investment banker… you get the idea. While medicine appealed to her for a long time, she double majored in economics and IT at Rutgers University, just because… During college, she met the love of her life and her whole world changed. On their wedding night, he gave her a DSLR; one she would ignore for months, because she was too intimidated to touch it - but one that would change the trajectory of her life.

Since then Charmi has photographed countless weddings, from elopements to 4 days long, from 12 guests to 1000. Being invited into different cultures and families has broadened her world in so many amazing ways and consistently allowed her to push her creative boundaries.  When she's not shooting or teaching, Charmi spends her time focused on her little boys, her husband, reading, discussing social justice or seeking her own version of escape/therapy growing veggies in her garden!

IG: charmipena