Wendell Fernandes

Faithful Moments and Relationships: Getting To the Heart of the Story

Often times we are caught into the technology, equipment, skills, business and maybe the assurance of being true professionals at what we do always in search of that next award recognition. 

While all these elements have their importance for professional growth, they are not the most crucial. The truth is, we are given the honor and opportunity to be the ones responsible for capturing unforgettable moments, but how often do we let ourselves know the true story behind it? Do the stories drive us to be better professionals or are we mostly looking to the industry for reference? 

We will talk about relationships, transforming past of hardships into joyful, full of emotion photographs. We'll see how light can transform ones interpretation, and how relationships are just as crucial and important as to delivering amazing products.


I’m a wedding and portrait photographer located in Leominster, MA. My life have always been filled with art, light, composition and creativity. Being in the creative industry since 5 years old, I only found out about photographs and how powerful they would become, about 7 years ago when I was first introduced to digital photography. 

Since my first wedding that I shot I have never looked back. I’m astounded by the emotions we experience in people, by the energy in each session and by the love we receive from this industry. 

I’ve been fortuned enough to be invited to many conferences both locally and internationally. This year I’ll be speaking at “Wedding Brazil” the largest wedding conference in Latin America and will be speaking on “Relationships and Client Direction”.