The Scobeys

Ashley and Graham Scobey

Ashley and Graham Scobey

Building a Business that Supports Your Dreams

There are certain things that most people, especially creative people, can all agree on. For example: we should all create space for our dreams. Uh huh. True. We agree. Amen. Every time. We haven’t met anyone in the creative entrepreneur space that fights against the idea that dreams are important.
But we’ve met hundreds of people who fight against the ACTION of it. Why? Because, for many of us, as our businesses grow they start to take over our life and our margin. We are a group of people drowning... and we need a life raft.

This class will teach you how to create a workflow that becomes a life raft your dreams. We will teach you how to selectively choose your input and set yourself up for success in the things that REALLY matter; to alter the systems that stifle you, and to create new systems that help you tap into your incredible potential.

Graham + Ashley held hands on the first night that they met ­ fifteen years ago. Between then and now they’ve dreamed their way from Los Angeles to Connecticut to Atlanta. They’ve worked on Oscar nominated films, they’ve built an internationally recognized photography studio, and they were named one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine. They’ve shot Weddings all over the World, they have a crazy passion for people and photojournalism and stupid big dreams, and their work has received awards such as Junebug's Best of the Best, PDN Top Knots, and Showit's Image of the Year. They’ve also moved their business several times and have lived to tell the tale.

More importantly, though, they are in constant search of ridiculous places to have dance parties and tickle fights with their two kids. Because, for them, life is all about how much fun you can have with the time you're given and the people you love.