Sarah Dugan


Getting Down and Dirty in the Daylight: Cyanotype and Salt Printing

Digital photography is great - no, really it is! But every once in a while, don't you have a moment where you wish you could create imagery and art that was hands on and wasn't in front of a computer screen, holed up in a little office? Wouldn't it be freeing to paint with sunlight and create in your own kitchen?
Cyanotypes and Salt Printing are two alternative processes that have seen a resurgence in the world of photography. Both have a low barrier for entry: they don't require a darkroom to prepare a surface and can be exposed using only the UV rays of the sun. What perhaps started out as photograms in an elementary art classroom has gained traction, once again, in the fine art community and is now seeing beyond a fringe following at the Penumbra Foundation in NYC, Maine Media and the Santa Fe Workshops.
Come experience this new way to flex your creativity, incorporating both the analog and the digital realms, getting your hands dirty along the way!* Pre-Inspire I will be asking participants for 2 files they would like to use when creating salt prints and cyanotypes. I will be creating transparencies ahead of time for participants to use; however I will review the process so that they will be able to continue on post-workshop.


I’ve been an artist my whole life…and a working photographer for 18 years.

I love caffeine and chocolate.

I love cats and I'm learning to love the dog.

I am learning to push myself as hard as I push back.

I love teaching art and photography. I teach my future consumers AND my future competition.

I married the first serious boyfriend I ever had.

If you don’t love Star Wars, LOTR, Narnia, and illustration, fonts and tattoos I’m concerned about us being good friends.