Rebecca Ickes

All About Albums: How Serving Your Client Serves Your Bottom Line

I firmly believe that we have not completed our job until we are handing our clients a tangible piece of artwork. While it is common to post all of the photos to an online gallery and let the couple choose what they want, that practice does a great disservice to our couples. They have relied on our support and knowledge as professionals up until this point. Why would we leave them hanging right at the point when we’re creating something for them?

Albums don’t have to be scary. In this course, we’ll discuss together the hurdles that are keeping you from offering albums. We will also explore the obstacles that are slowing down your current album process. We’ll then create solutions together, giving you the knowledge and ability to deliver your couple’s perfect heirloom in less than 12 weeks after their wedding!! Your clients are happy to have their album, your team is excited about the streamlined process, and your bank account is beaming with all those album upgrades. Everyone wins!

I’ve been up-selling albums from the early days of my business. From my experience, what I will share works for couples with very small budgets equally as well as couples hosting international soirees.


Rebecca Ickes has run her namesake studio, Rebecca Marie Photography, full-time for over 7 years. Last year she launched a team based solution, Gold Grid Studios, in order to use her enjoyment of running a business to support creatives who despise paperwork. She believes deeply in the power of helping families create a legacy through photography to share with future generations. Based in Chicago, she’s still a farm girl at heart.

Rebecca frequently tries to convince her fiancé to get a puppy or go out to dinner instead of cooking. She’s always up for a glass of wine and is trying very hard to fill up her current passport before it expires.