Phillip Blume


Light Makes Right: The Rise of a Benevolent Portable Flash Master

Think quick: Which looney tyrant said "Power comes from the barrel of a gun?" Answer: Who cares? He's dead. More importantly, who ever said "Image quality comes from the barrel of a Zeiss 85mm/1.2?" Sure, that's some gorgeous glass. But the Sistine Chapel isn't an iconic work of art because DaVinci used Carl Zeiss paintbrushes. Neither a camera nor the barrel of a lens can give you the power to hone your craft or dominate your market as a photographer. Only a mastery of light can do that!As international wedding photographers, Phillip and Eileen stress the crucial role played by both stylized and natural-looking flash in their work, to lift their images off the page and into the hearts of their clients. Play with the Blumes as you experiment with various off-camera flash techniques and various equipment (from cheap to pricey) to get the desired result during every part of a hectic wedding day.


Phillip & Eileen Blume are award-winning, socially conscious creatives just crazy enough to believe art can change the world. Their rural home studio was named an official "fastest-growing business" and serves clients worldwide. Although wedding photographers, the Blumes prioritize charitable projects like their feature film Lost Boys of Paradise, which change the world for those living in Third-World poverty. Also owners of an associate studio, the Blumes have appeared on CreativeLIVE, the TEDx stage, and at many industry events. They're proudest of their ComeUnity Workshops, equipping photographers to build their own success in art, business, and life.