Petronella Lugemwa

Multicultural Weddings: How to Attract the Client & Win Big

If you want to understand what makes multicultural weddings different, how to attract and win over the multicultural wedding client, this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn “keeping-it-real” insights into why I specialize in multicultural weddings, how they differ from other types of weddings and how to best honor and win over the client through presentation and photography.


Petronella Lugemwa, multicultural wedding photographer and expert, was born in Uganda, grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to Birmingham, Alabama at age 10. 

She has lived, traveled and photographed weddings worldwide. 

As the owner of Petronella Photography, a New York area based wedding and marriage proposal photography company, her mission is to help multicultural couples honor and celebrate their love, cultural heritage and families through inspirational, emotive photographs and stories that honor and celebrate who they are.