Joel Wiebner

Crafting a Consistent Post-Production Style Strong and consistent photography needs a strong and consistent post production finish. Like the soundtrack to a great movie your post processing style should compliment the theme and highlight the meaning in your images. I will talk about recognizing trends in your own work that you can use to build an overall style. Defining a post style requires the use of the right tools at the right time, so I will explain when and why to use the various image editing tools available to us as photographers. You should be armed with Photoshop and Lightroom on a non-mobile device to follow along. I hope that you walk away from this workshop with the inspiration and tools to hone your own unique post production style.


I photograph people. Most of the people I photograph can only be described in mushy terms like loving, doting, caring and affectionate. I like to photograph these people while they are walking hand in hand, hugging and sometimes decked out in formal wear while totally making out. I have been working in this strange Peeping Tom genre of photography for 15 years and counting.