Carla Ten Eyck

Carla Ten Eyck

Carla Ten Eyck

It All Starts With You: Be An Excellent Human Being

It’s time to take control back in your business, your personal life and what you put out to the world. We attract what we put out there for everyone to see! It is all connected, and will either set you up for your idea of success or failure. Existing in a positive space will enable you to create work you are proud of. Imagery and products that you know well and feel really good about will only make it easier for you to make money! Who feels good selling products they don’t believe in? I went from not knowing important business information I should have had a solid handle on to now feeling the most in control I have ever felt with my business and life. I am not stressed out and losing sleep, but instead am creating work that I am proud to put my name on, and affecting change within my community at the same time. I do believe we can have it all, once we define what ‘having it all’ means to us. Come ready to workshop these ideas, share openly about what you struggle with, leave with a plan and most importantly a community who will support you!


Carla has been joyfully photographing weddings for the past 13 years all over the New England area and beyond. She received her BFA in photojournalism from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995. Her photojournalism field work includes working at The Hartford Courant, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle / Times Union and The Associated Press in New York City. Carla’s segue into documenting weddings was natural and combined her best skill sets of photographing people, moments and emotions with style, beauty and a sense of humor. Carla also has amazing crowd control skills! Maybe being one of nine children helped with that!

With four associate photographers and a team of amazing support staff, Carla runs her bustling studio out of her renovated childhood home in Hartford, CT’s historic West End.

Carla is co-author of two inspirational coffee table books The White Dress: in color, wedding inspiration for the modern bride + The White Dress: Destinations; a former co-producer of Inspire Photo Retreats; is the Photography Director for the Engage Luxury Business Summits which hosts events all over the world and has delivered many speaking presentations all over the country to help inspire and motivate fellow wedding professionals. An avid connector of people from all walks of life, Carla has jumped into podcasting and will be launching her new podcast, ‘Eyes up, heart open’ on iTunes this Spring 2016!

In addition to photographing weddings, Carla’s second love is teaching and mentoring photographers.  For over 9 years Carla has been teaching photography workshops all over the world and mentoring businesses to reach the next level in their careers.

‘Eyes up, heart open’ has been Carla’s motto for life, and she works hard to enthusiastically breathe energy, excitement and fun into everything she does from turning ideas into reality; to shooting in new locations around the globe and to simple things like snuggling with her kids and hiding in the studio trying to scare her employees!